Heart of the Lion School of Martial Arts.

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Welcome To Heart of the Lion School of Martial Arts Home Page

Heart of the Lion School  of  Martial Arts & Supplies.

We will be offering  Equipment & Supplies as a discounted martial arts equipment & supply company in the futcher.

Heart of the Lion supplies equipment for the martial art world. Heart of the Lion Equipment & Supplies has uniforms, belts, sparring equipment & supplies, practice weapons, tournament supplies & equipment at a discount price. Heart of the Lion Martial Arts Equipment & Supplies has equipment & supplies for Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, and other martial arts, we also have equipment & supplies for kick boxing, and boxing. And now Archery (English Style Long bows.)

Hi I am a 3rd Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do in L.A.T.F. and a 1st degree in the A.T.A martial arts.

I started in the martial arts when I was 5 Yrs old and continued until I was 35 yrs of age. I taught under Grand Master David Chaanine from 1982-1996 as an independent contractor. I Opened  my own school in New Braunfels Texas in 1997, but it was flooded out in the 1998. 

I took a 21 year brake from teaching and training, Then in 2019 I got tired of being fat and out of shape, so I went back to training.  I  was attending class in an ATA Victory school in north San Antonio.  Due to Covid 19.That school cloused.

Now i am attending class at Ashcraft,s Marital Arts center ln San Antonio Texas.  The opening of my school in the Bulverde-Spring Branch, Texas area is postponed until further notice. As of now i am training with Grand master Steve Ashcraft.

I will be testing for Fourth Dan, in June, 2022. Under Master Steve Ashcraft.

When I open my school I will mainly be teaching Tae Kwon Do, age's 4 to 95 years.

I will have spechal classes in street self defence,

as well as classes in womens' self defence against rape and bullying.

I will also have classes in weapons and weapons defence.

Heart of the Lion School of Martial Arts.

This web site was started in 1997 when the Heart of the Lion school of martial arts opened by mister David Erler Head instructor and his wife Debra Erler